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Password Generator Professional 2008 is a program to generate password lists
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Nowadays, passwords are considered a targeted vulnerability for all authentication based system. This arises the demand for powerful passwords that would take almost forever to break. Humans tend to use dictionary based passwords which makes cracking their passwords an easy task. Don't use a common word as a password, but instead use Password Generator Professional 2008 from Kristanix Software which offers you a wide variety of functions and different tools of generating unlimited number of complex secure passwords and usernames according to the criteria provided by you to control whether the generated passwords should be easy to pronounce or totally random, whether it should contain alphabets (vowels or constants), special characters or a combination. The program offers an interesting and easy-to-use wizard that takes you on a step-by-step show. The program allows creating of templates so you can generate more random passwords in the future without going through all the settings again. The program can also be used not just for generating username/passwords but for generating random numbers, random coupon codes, serial numbers and so on. The program can have more than one session thanks to the multi-window design, in addition It can generate batch files with ready-to-use commands to call the program from the command line to speed up the creation process apart from the application's GUI .

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  • Professional GUI
  • Wide range of options
  • Visual password strength checker
  • Has templates and wizard


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